Parish Retreat

Post date: 21-Nov-2015 22:28:37

Our Parish Retreat to mark the 40th Anniversary will take place here in the Church for 5 nights from Mon 7th Dec till Friday 11th Dec., each night at 7.30pm.

The preachers will be Fr John Harris, Fr Terence Crotty & Fr John Walsh – all Dominicans.

The theme of the Retreat is “The Mercy & Compassion of God”

Monday:7th “Believing in a secular age, the Gospel of Mercy” –John Harris

Tuesdays 8th “Mary, Mother of Mercy” – John Walsh

Wednesday 9th “The Church the door of Mercy”– Terence Crotty

Thursday 10th “Confession, the touch of Mercy” – John Harris

Friday 11th “The Eucharist, source of Mercy” - Terence Crotty

[Rosary before Mass each evening & and ending with Benediction.]

Thursday - Penitential Service evening with exposition of Blessed Sacrament during the hearing of confessions & ending with Benediction.