Giving Sunday - December 14th 2014

Post date: 07-Dec-2014 17:56:28

Next Sunday is called “Giving Sunday” in the parish as we attempt to reach out to help families in need this Christmas. The Annual St Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal takes place at all Masses instead of the Share collection. We are also being asked by the Arch bishop to bring non-perishable food items by way of donation to the Diocesan Food Bank (either during the week or on Sunday next). Next Sunday is also Toy-Sunday when young people in the parish bring a toy to share with those in need this Xmas

Update 21/12/14

The local Conference of St Vincent de Paul want to express their gratitude to the

Mass-goers in St Aengus’s for the very generous Christmas Collection of €3, 500.

This was a big increase on the previous year. Also the amount of toys that the children brought was far greater than before. Well done.