St Aengus Parish Vision Statement

Everyone Belongs

There is a place for everybody in the welcoming parish community of St Aengus. Everybody has something to offer, no matter how little it might appear. Everyone belongs. This belonging is experienced in the first instance in family life which is cherished and supported by the parish community.

Acceptance and Care

People are accepted as they are and where they are on their journey of faith. Acceptance leads to a genuine care for one another. That care has a special outreach to the weak and vulnerable members of the community, i.e. young, old, sick, poor, separated, bereaved, unemployed, addicted, handicapped and marginalised.

Discovering our Gifts

Respect for every individual shows itself in reverence and hospitality and in our ability to be attentive to everyone’s life story. Listening enables us to discover the work of art that is each person’s life and that often lies hidden from view. It brings awareness of how each person is so well gifted. It builds confidence and self esteem.

Building Together in Partnership

Awakening of our various gifts reveals how much we can complement and support each other. Sharing our gifts enables us to build together in partnership a caring community of faith, hope, and love. Frequent parish celebrations help give expression to this reality. The Eucharist is the summit and source of Christian Life in our community.

Open Parish

Our parish community and groups within the parish, are always open and eager to welcome new arrivals, new ideas and new challenges. We are aware of belonging to a church that is a world wide parish.

God is at Work

This vision is based on the belief that God is already present and at work in our lives. God wants us to be aware of His special plan for us and to work together in bringing it about. The Vision comes slowly – in small ways, small areas, and small beginnings.

God comes to help us in our Weakness

Very much conscious of our own human weakness, we rely on the grace of Baptism to urge us on to a change of heart and to empower us to join in this process.